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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Silence of the Wolves, Hannah Pole

Silence of the Wolves (Call of the Wilderness #1)Silence of the Wolves by Hannah Pole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Request to view ARC approved by Netgalley.

Turned out I loved it. Fantastic start to a new paranormal romance. The beginning was a little choppy for me, odd use of words in some cases that didn't seem to sit right in my opinion and a little repetitive, but I'm so glad i stuck with it as it turned out to be awesome.

I loved the world building. So diverse and original with a mix of all sorts of supernatural beings. Even the Pack structuring had a rather unique feel to it. Bonus points for being set in the UK, and even more points for not being set in London.

Plenty of action, with a mix of sizzling romance and a healthy dollop of angst. There were several times I wanted to shove Tamriel and Leyth together and say just kiss already! The tension between them and the will they won't they pull was a little annoying at first. Leyth started off reminding me of a Kresley Cole male alpha - me big strong man. You female need protecting. Let me man do the work. It was another thing that got better as the story developed.

Tamriel was an immensely likeable lead female, thrown into something she was completely unprepared for, and had to learn to cope with it. Which she did pretty well. She grew throughout the book and really came into the world of the pack and came out head held high.

The ending was perfect, and even made my eyes mist over. Until the cliff hanger lead into the next book. I can easily see myself becoming very addicted to this series.

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